Southwest Tex Mex & BBQ Specialties

Wildfire's founders David and Bryan have traveled extensively throughout the United States eating their share of local cuisine and experiencing a universe of incredible and unique flavors. Now Wildfire brings these these delicious Tex Mex and BBQ specialties to your next event to create a truly flavorful and tasty event.

So no matter what type of event, big or small, we can customize your menu and design an event that delivers the exact type of experience who desire for your guests. Our goal is to create a deliciously memorable event every time. 


Authentic Pit-Smoked American BBQ Meats & Made-From-Scratch Side Fixins’                          (All catering includes paper goods and serving utensils)

DELICIOUS BBQ MEATS                                                                                                             SMALL PAN   Serves 10 to 12 people                                LARGE PAN   Serves 25 to 30 people             

PULLED PORK  (GF)                                                              Small   $65           Large$130       Pork shoulder, house spice rub, smoked low & slow

BBQ CHICKEN  (GF)                                                             Small   $65              Large$130   Hardwood grilled, spices, light bbq sauce

TEXAS BBQ PIT ANGUS BEEF  (GF)                                    Small   $75                Large$150        Oak-smoked, house rub, moist, tender

SMOKED SAUSAGE  (GF)                                                       Small   $65                Large$130        Pork sausage, spices

SMOKED WINGS  (GF)                                                 Small  $65 (5 lbs)       Large$130(10lbs)   Spices, sweet bbq sauce

SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN                                                                   Large$ 80(30 pcs)       Crispy, hand battered, spices

BBQ PORK RIBS  (GF)                                                                    Large $120( 60 bones)  Smoked low & slow, house spice rub, lightly sauced                                                                            

*** (GF) Gluten Free***


SMALL PAN   serves 12 to 15 people$25              LARGE PAN   serves 25 to 30 people$50 

BAKED BEANS  (GF)  slow cooked, molasses, brown sugar, beef trimmings

CREAMY COLESLAW  (V)  (GF)  fresh hand cut cabbage, carrots, mayo, seasonings

VINEGAR COLESLAW  (V)  (GF)  fresh hand cut cabbage, carrots, vinegar dressing

COLLARD GREENS  (GF)  slow cooked, chicken stock, pork, red pepper 

FRESH SEASONAL VEGGIES  (V)  (GF)  olive oil, seasonings

MACARONI & CHEESE  (V)  four cheese, creamy

PASTA SALAD  (V)  chopped herbs, celery, onion, carrot, vinaigrette

ROASTED GARLIC MASHED POTATO  (V)  (GF)  red bliss, slow roasted garlic, cream, butter

POTATO SALAD  (V)  (GF)  red bliss potato, buttermilk, dill, celery, onion

ROASTED SWEET POTATO  (V)  (GF)  spices, onions, olive oil

SOUTHWESTERN RICE & BEANS  (V)  (GF)  spices, infused rice, black beans

GREEN SALAD  (V)  (GF) mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, brown sugar-balsamic vinaigrette, chipotle ranch dressing                                                                    

CORNBREAD  (V)  half pan $25  full pan $50

SANDWICH ROLLS   (V)  3 dozen$18   6 dozen $36

BBQ SAUCES  (V)  (GF)  1 quart $15 -- Kansas City Style Smokey-Sweet, Rosemary-Mustard, Afterburner Hot Sauce, Carolina Vinegar

*** (V) Vegetarian(GF) Gluten Free*** 



Fresh, authentic, tasty, and healthy Tacos and Burritos                                                                    ( All catering includes paper goods and serving utensils)

TACO BAR                                                                                                                               Build your own delicious tacos served with Southwest rice and black beans

Served with grilled bbq chicken, adobo-mojo pork, Texas chopped beef, Seasonal veggies, flour tortillas, mont-jack cheddar cheese, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce, BBQ sauce.

40 TACOS serves 15 people              $175

50 TACOS serves 20 people            $205

65 TACOS serves 25 people            $260

BURRITO BUFFET                                                                                                   Authentic overstuffed burritos served with chips and salsa  

Burritos cut in half and served with choice of grilled bbq chicken, adobo-mojo pork, Texas chopped beef or seasonal veggies, flour tortilla, southwest rice, black beans, mont-jack cheddar cheese, hot sauce, bbq sauce

10 BURRITOS serves 10 to 15 people$60

30 BURRITOS serves 30 to 35 people$165

BURRITO BOWL BAR                                                                                                   Pack your bowl full of tasty flavorful fillings

Southwest rice served with grilled bbq chicken, adobo-mojo pork, Texas chopped beef, seasonal veggies, mont-jack cheddar cheese, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, jalapeños, sour cream, hot sauce, bbq sauce

15 people $120

30 people $240

50 people $375

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